History of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences The first suggestions to establish a university in Mashhad refers back to 1934 the same time as Tehran University was established. After years of attempts, considering the dire need to have doctors in Khorasan Province, in 1947 government cabinet consented to establish a university in Mashhad. Its constitution was also ratified then. The first university admission announcement for the first year applicants of Medical Sciences University was released on August 1949. Finally in November 23rd 1949, the university was officially inaugurated by Late Dr. Zangeneh, the Minister of Culture at that time. It was recognized as the first Scientific Medical Center with 61 students. The faculty members were comprised of one associate professor and seven instructors. Imam Reza Hospital is an affiliated hospital to Mashhad University of Medical Sciences and is the biggest hospital in Mashhad with a 90 year history. The building project started in 1928 in an area of 28.5 Hectares with 28,500 square meter infrastructure. In 1934, the hospital started to work with the name of Shah Reza Hospital. In its early stages, the hospital only had 100 beds with internal, surgery, ophthalmology, pediatrics, infections, labor, treatment center, laboratory, radiology, dentistry, animal anatomy departments and their subdivisions. In 1962, Dr. Paul Venn was the head of surgery department of the hospital. This diligent Belgian doctor converted to Islam after gaining more familiarity with this religion. For years, he empathetically worked in the hospital. On those years, 45 doctors, a dentist, 6 pharmacists, 18 physician assistants, 270 nurses and 5 midwifes used to actively undertake the task of treatment. In 1975, under an agreement, Astan Quds (the administrative organization of Imam Reza’s Shrine) attempted to prepare a 90 year transfer protocol according to which the hospital contract was transferred to Mashhad University of Medical Sciences. Since then, the hospital is working as an educational treatment center under the supervision of the university. According to the existing statistics, on those years, the total number of hospital beds had been increased to 363. On the high time of Islamic Revolution on 1977 and 1978 with leadership of the supreme leader, Imam Khomeini (UWBP), the hospital was a base and center of fights against the oppressor kingdom regime, such that in 1978, most opposing clergy men and Islamic scholars of Khorasan including the current supreme leader of the revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei participated in the group of religious scholars who sat out in this educational complex guiding and controlling agitated and risen-up nation and academic society of Khorasan. With the victory in Islamic Revolution in 1978, the hospital changed name from Shah Reza (King Reza) to the holy name of Imam Reza (UWBP). After the victory of Islamic Revolution and drastic changes in the structure of the ministries, in 1986, all universities of medical sciences and the related branches throughout the country got separated from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and merged with the Ministry of Health into the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education. Accordingly, Mashhad University gradually divided into two independent universities recognized as Mashhad University of Medical Sciences and Ferdowsi University of Mashhad that each are governed independently. The prophecy of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences is to provide, preserve and promote health in the society by training the potential talents through instruction and research, providing research facilities to increase scientific strengths and research capabilities about hygienic and treatment issues besides promoting health in the province. In addition to meeting health and treatment requirements in the society and extending the related facilities, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences is also in charge of education; therefore, there are diligent attempts with utmost strength taking advantage of facilities and available options to fulfill all purposes mentioned above. Having seven schools including: Medical school, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Traditional Persian Medicine, Nursing and Midwifery, Hygiene and Paramedical Sciences, this university plays a crucial role in training efficient and committed human resources for the country. At the moment, with more than 8,500 students in different degree programs, it is recognized as the main university and east headquarter of the country. 260 International Student Admissions in different degree programs has led this university to be recognized as excellent in rank among Muslim Countries. Another feature of the university is having more than 30 hospitals and 20 health and treatment networks which are among other facilities for Mashhad University of Medical Sciences that have provided grounds to offer health and treatment services not only for the its citizens and neighboring areas, but also for the pilgrims of Imam Reza’s Holy Shrine. Activities on 51 research centers, two growth centers, two regional and central research institutes and laboratories of the northeast of the country in Mashhad University of Medical Sciences in addition to being equipped with modern laboratory machines have provided decent research opportunities for the researchers as well.